I am Che

Hi peeps

Hi peeps!

I am Che.

Change is

Healthy so


That’s what I will do in 2016, change. This change is about me, my family and my work life. There is no separation between them. They are all three in one just like the Trinity.

I expect you will want to know more about my Trinity. So I will start with the Son, my Son Smo.

I make this look Good;)

I make this look Good;)

Awwww! He’s soooo handsome I here you chime!

Well Yes he is, what can I say , it’s in his DNA ( check out the picture above as proof). But please note Smo is  currently in kidulthood . He also has ADHD and while there is no crime in having either or either  the two are a mixture of oil and water!  Soooo I managed to guide, push and pull Smo through 2015 shouting all the while “what the…” (Smh).

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