Ok, Sooo this is a work in progress.

What the …. heck is a plug-in … I realise that I know nothing about the technical side of blogging. This may be harder than I thought. I am I going to let that stop me, nope!

Like ALL  parents I knew zero about parenting – I still became one. Before I became a teacher, I knew next to nothing about teaching in a formal setting – been teaching for 3 years.  I am learning how to be intentional – to do things on purpose to gain experience. So, what I don’t know about blogging, I will learn because I have to teach myself that I can do all things… even if I fail – I tell my class that we all learn in different ways and one of those ways is not getting things right. It’s ok to fail, it’s not the end of the world (this is me motivating myself because while writing this I still have no idea what I’m doing – help!!).

I read 10 tips for being intentional every single day to motivate myself……


10 Tips for Being Intentional Every Single Day

Back to plugins – I will find out how to use a plugin and link What The Mum to my Facebook page. When i have done this I will post this blog on Facebook, along with an update.


Please Note – This is still a work in progress. Your links will be much appreciated  : )

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